Gross profit for 2013 decreased 17% or Rp826 billion from Rp4,818 in 2012 to Rp3,992 in 2013. The decrease was in line with that of average sales price in 2013 compared to 2012. Meanwhile, gross profit margin ratio in 2013 was 28.9% lower compared to that of 2012 that recorded gross profit margin of 35.8%. […]

Pupuk Kaltim also purchased foreign currency by using selective buying mechanism, which was take into account the market condition and comparing the best currency value. Pupuk Kaltim increased its’ revenue in dollars to conduct natural hedging. Pelaksanaan aktivitas komunikasi dan konsultasi oleh Departemen Kepatuhan & Manajemen Risiko terkait metodologi manajemen risiko dengan unit kerja secara […]

I think that if this is supposed to be a “work out of the box” kind of thing, the steam client needs to have a set of configs that come along with the install . This is also not a question about what can be done right now. I know what is possible now, I […]

The original Voodoo 1 adapters are not full video adapters, and in fact need to be used in conjunction with a separate VGA adapter in a pass-through manner. Locate your missing .dll file at the DLL Dump site. After that, you will be able to use your programs that have DLL missing or not found […]

First released to the public in 2019, Lark is ByteDance’s enterprise collaboration platform. Its features include cloud-based file management and document and spreadsheet editing. The company is also the developer of the news and information platform Toutiao (“Headlines”). As of June 2021, ByteDance hosts 1.9 billion monthly active users across all of its content platforms. […]

It also offers more settings and customization options like push notifications and enabling Wi-Fi only. However, Vidmate offers more options than TubeMate and a more polished user interface with a better-looking design and more functionality. Google actively blocks any type of TubeMate app for Android, which would enable you to download videos from the Google […]

However, the cryptography keys for EFS are in practice protected by the user account password, and are therefore susceptible to most password attacks. In other words, the encryption of a file is only as strong as the password to unlock the decryption key. How to Fix a Damaged Micro SD Card and Recover Data SD […]