I think that if this is supposed to be a “work out of the box” kind of thing, the steam client needs to have a set of configs that come along with the install . This is also not a question about what can be done right now. I know what is possible now, I […]

The original Voodoo 1 adapters are not full video adapters, and in fact need to be used in conjunction with a separate VGA adapter in a pass-through manner. Locate your missing .dll file at the DLL Dump site. After that, you will be able to use your programs that have DLL missing or not found […]

However, the cryptography keys for EFS are in practice protected by the user account password, and are therefore susceptible to most password attacks. In other words, the encryption of a file is only as strong as the password to unlock the decryption key. How to Fix a Damaged Micro SD Card and Recover Data SD […]

Please search for the document name and then double-click on it to launch it. Alternatively, you can right-click on the PDF icon and select “Open With” from the menu. Choose your default PDF reader to open the document. PDF files are essential documents that you can use. The reason is that it is a read-only […]

Are you not able to see today’s weather in your city on your taskbar in Windows 11? Is the weather widget not working properly or showing up on your taskbar? Many users are reporting this issue of the weather widget not showing up on the taskbar in Windows 11 after … As mentioned above, the […]

Even if you’re having multiple administrators, make sure that each account is protected with a strong password in order to prevent malware infections. After doing that, the application will start with administrative privileges. Choose Administrator and click on Change account type. You may also change the administrative account from command line in both PowerShell and […]

In this guide, we will help you learn how to defrag Windows 11 hard drives automatically and manually, but first, let’s learn what is defragmenting in Windows 11. Windows 8 and 7 automatically defrags hard drives on a schedule. If you want to check if its working fine, then open Start menu, type defrag, hit […]