Data Generator

The game changer

Our data generator helps you overcome the problem of missing or non-existent image data by allowing you to create large scale, annotated datasets.
The data can be used for any kind of computer vision tasks such as object detection, image classification and instance segmentation.

What can I do?

Use Cases

Image data for the following use cases can be created within the data generator.

How does it work?



1. Input

The data is created on the basis of objects. You can either select standard objects from our library or upload 3D objects yourself. 3D geometries such as those from well-known CAD programms (.stp, .step, .iges) are suitable for this.


2. Dataset spezification & use case selection

Definition of the dataset specifications (amount of images, image format, annotation format, ...) and selecting your use case, tailoring it to your exact requirements.


3. Dataset and associated statistics

You will be notified as soon as your image data is available.
The created dataset contains ground truth, annotation, depth and a number of statistical information about the dataset.
For example, the distribution of the selected objects over the entire dataset is shown here.

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