About Us

An introduction to synthetic images:

Synthetic images are computer generated images which represent the real world.
By simulating the data in a virtual environment, it is possible to influence every parameter that has an impact on the images. All possible light scenarios, as well as camera positions, environments and actions can be displayed.
Thanks to these features it is possible to make each representation unique and due to the help of cloud computing the whole process of image and annotation generation is highly scalable.

The data can be used for any kind of computer vision tasks such as object detection, image classification and instance segmentation.

Our clients experienced that the use of limitless unique data has a very positive influence on the performance of the model.



Fast data generation process
Precise data
Multi channel data
Full control on dataset specifications
How We Work

Our Workflow


The experience and know-how of our team allows us to create a synthetic dataset of objects of your choice. The only information we need is the task of the model in its final stage.

Data gernation

After the successful receipt of the object of interest, we convert the input data and the actual generation process begins.


You will receive the dataset in-between 2-5 days. The time span depends on the complexity of the models tasks.
The dataset contains ground truth images, ground truth labels, pixel wise annotations, depth maps,

Clients and Partners