Go to the Start menu, expand All apps, open Windows Accessories and choose Paint. Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Well, with the help of a feature-packed screen recording helper like RecMaster, you won’t have such matters any more. We spend more time on video streaming services to enjoy movies, TV shows, sports matches, live broadcasts and such. We prefer to chat with family and friends through video or audio calls rather than typing long texts slowly. Even when we want to learn something new, we tend to search and look into the explanation or teaching video online instead of struggling with the word-to-word paper in the library.

This is the easiest and quickest method to take a screenshot; press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. Print Screen copies everything that is visible on your Windows 11 desktop to the Clipboard. You can copy the image into any Microsoft application, including Paint and Microsoft 365, or any other app that allows you to paste images. Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro is a new, innovative, and highly customized screen capture tool for screenshot capture and image editing. With Snagit, you can quickly capture a process, create visual instructions, capture active windows, and add your explanation with simple tweaks. Snagit also boasts of many superior image-editing functionalities than PicPick.

  • Here is a list of user-friendly tools that find and solve errors.
  • Keep in mind that Windows 10 Snipping Tool does not have as many features as Windows 11 Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch.
  • Once the ten seconds are done, Snip & Sketch will take the screenshot.
  • On the other hand, if you just press the PrtScn button on your keyboard, then it will copy the screen to the clipboard.

To save the image permanently, click the Save icon in the top right corner. Taking a screenshot is something many of us do often, especially on our phones. On PCs, there have long been ways to capture a still image of your screen, but they usually require a keyboard. The Surface Pro lineup helped popularize Windows tablets and 2-in-1s, but because of that, there also had to be a way to take screenshots without a keyboard. Depending on your keyboard layout, you can press the PrtScr button or PrtScr and Fn button to take a screenshot. To save you’ll just need to right-click where you’d like to store it and click Save.

Method 2: Alt + Prt Sc Print Screen Button Screen Capture

Let’s look at some of the Pros and Cons of TweakShot Screen Capture. Get instant access to breaking news, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips. After that point, Snip & Sketch will automatically activate without you having to click it again, and the objects and context menus will not disappear from that point forward. As the picture below shows, the app will appear before you finish your first word. You can take the capture and make notes or draw on it to really highlight what you want to show. You can copy and paste it into a document or email, or just email it to someone directly from the Snipping Tool.

This shortcut will copy the active window’s image into the clipboard. You can then paste it to whatever imaging program you like. Note that you cannot paste it directly as a file e.g. onto the desktop. As the screenshot technique we went over, this method captures the screenshot and adds it to your clipboard automatically. Snip & Sketch will also immediately display your new screenshot inside the app as per the above screenshot.

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Advanced built-in annotation tool, drawing on screenshot and more others. With ShareX you can take region snapshots with rectangles, triangles, diamonds and eclipse shapes. To do that, select Capture from the ShareX menu and click Region. Now you can use the screenshot as an image wherever you want. With that being said, if you are using an HP laptop and are looking for ways to screenshot an HP laptop running Windows 10, you are at the right place.


To capture a specific portion of your screen, you can use Windows 11 snipping tool or press Shift+Windows+S. Once you press the key combination, the screen greys out, and you see a toolbar at the top center of the screen. Either way, the apps are very useful and come with various useful features and you can definitely use them to take screenshots on your windows laptop. After clicking on the toggle, the screenshot can be seen in the action center where you have to click on it, edit it if necessary and save it from there.

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