Pupuk Kaltim also purchased foreign currency by using selective buying mechanism, which was take into account the market condition and comparing the best currency value. Pupuk Kaltim increased its’ revenue in dollars to conduct natural hedging. Pelaksanaan aktivitas komunikasi dan konsultasi oleh Departemen Kepatuhan & Manajemen Risiko terkait metodologi manajemen risiko dengan unit kerja secara informal telah dilaksanakan dengan baik. Departemen Kepatuhan & Manajemen Risiko pun telah melakukan pelatihan internal terkait proses manajemen risiko. Communications and consultancy conducted by Department of Compliance & Risk Management in relation to risk management methodology with work units informally was done well. Dept K&MR also organized internal training related to risk management process.

This show is about the first scientific research in the area of sex based on the Masters and Johnson studies, who are the protagonists of the story set to the backdrop of the late 1950’s at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. The set design is just about right and it very accurately represents the theme and ideology of the time. The characters are sketched out perfectly and there is no dearth of good acting performances with Michael Sheen stealing the show for his portrayal of the incredibly complex William Masters. The main part of the show is of course the study of human sexual response which implies a lot of mature content. These scenes, however tastefully done, may be a little too strong for the average viewer but if one can get over the explicit content, one can see their relevance to the plot. The story still seems a little empty at certain times but can be expected to fill up as it progresses with the introduction of new characters.

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Treatment of liquid waste to keep it below applicable standards. To conduct monitoring of the plankton community structure, fish demersal as indicators of ecosystem surrounding Pupuk Kaltim. ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES Pupuk Kaltim has realized that its’ business activites must have had impacts to the environment, such as liquid waste, solid waste, gas emission and green house gas. Pupuk Kaltim also realized that the industrial activities requires great amount of energy, therefore the company has implemented several energy and water saving programs. The customers service should be integrated throughout the related work units, whether they were interacted directly or indirectly to the customers. The other human resource competence improvement program covered the aprentice program for both college and high school students.

  • The mandate comprises of membership, memerbership requirements, competence requirement and independence, responsibilities and authority, tasks and functions, work plan and budget, meetings, reports, terms, income and performance evaluation.
  • SimonTox SimonTok Terbaru is available on Filehippo in English.
  • PT Pupuk Agro Nusantara engages in the NPK fertilizer industry, with a total production capacity of 100,000 tons.
  • By tapping it, you will be connected to the server closest to your location.

The basis of measurement in preparation of these consolidated financial statements is the historical costs concept, except for certain accounts which have been prepared on the basis of other measurements as described in their respective policies. Receivables from transactions with affiliated parties we are classified separately in financial position statement, either in the form of trade receivable or non-trade receivables. The Company also provided loan loss provisioning for receivables of affiliated parties and third parties collectively and individually. It is also the case with financial position statement and notes on the financial statements for loan to affiliated parties. Details on names, relationship, transaction value and their properness can be found in Notes on Consolidated Financial Statement point 43 on Information of Affiliated Parties.

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The audit conducted by the firm appropriate with auditing standards and an external auditor does not obtain barriers in accessing the documents from organizational units required. The audit results have been presented in the audit report and the existing problems have been delivered through the management letter to the Simontok Board of Directors. Internal Audit Team prepare documentation of implementation activities properly so easily accountable to stakeholders by management . The Authority Who Appointment/Dismissal Head of Internal Audit In accordance the audit charter, the appointment and dismissal of the Head of Internal Audit conducted by the Director of the approval by the Board of Commissioners.

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If the products failed to be shipped out, then the storage would be full and forced the plants to lower the production rate or even cease to operate. Tardiness of Goods Procurement The procurement process require several phase with designated time, if the procurement process did not go according to the schedule it would cause a delay in the procurement of goods. The main culprit of the tardiness were the preparation time for the Purchase Order took too long and the selection of scope of supply of the vendors were not accurate.

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