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We work with customers and partners across the machine vision vertical,
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Proof of concept
Want to establish the value of synthetic images for your use case? We undertake lean proof of concept projects with first time users to benchmark synthetic image data vs real captured data.
Give your sales team an edge.
Looking to convince your customer regarding the performance of your vision systems? We provide synthetic data for a quick model training in your feasibility study stage. Save weeks of effort spent in collecting datasets.
Shared project workloads
In a world short on qualified human resource, make your customers' life easier by offering them our solution. While your team focuses on solving the machine vision challenge and the customer focuses on daily business, we generate the data required to save project overheads. Our simple three step service saves customers time and effort, and has proven to be a cost effective solution.
Delivering precision and robustness
Although data acquisition is in your customer’s scope, the quality of the dataset is crucial to the success of your project. When your customer expects 99%+ precision from your deep learning vision system, a large dataset with empirical representation of the variations is a necessity. Use of a controlled, annotated synthetic dataset to supplement real data in training the models empirically has been proven to create high precision deep learning algorithms. We have delivered project and part specific datasets for fine training of deep learning networks to close gaps in the data distribution and have contributed to an improved algorithm performance.

Are you designing a software platform to be a convenient tool for machine vision system integrators and end users?
Key features of deep learning vision software platforms are pre-trained networks and domain specific training data libraries.
In both cases, large image datasets are invaluable in developing a mature tool and robust algorithms.
Acquiring such large real image datasets, while ensuring the correct data quality and distribution, is a time and effort intensive task, so we offer an alternative – synthetic image datasets.
Using synthetic image datasets that represent generic objects or domain specific features, you can acquire a controlled, annotated dataset within a fraction of the time taken, so your team can focus on what you do best – creating the perfect software platform and the intelligence behind it.


Data has proven to be a significant asset in the era of Industry 4.0. With the promise of delivering insights that propel us into the next stage of efficiency and productivity, its significance will only grow in the future.
Machine vision is one of the key enablers in automating operations in manufacturing and logistics.

Our simple process brings out the explicit and implicit knowledge your experienced employees possess, in the form of images.
Image datasets are a useful format in transfering knowledge – whether in automated manufacturing, quality inspection, material handling or in AR / VR tools, image data is indispensable in training machines and humans alike.

With valuable know how in machine learning and computer generated imagery leading to domain relevant 3D scene representation, we stand by your data management teams as a competent service provider to create the right image datasets for a variety of use cases.


If your organization is involved in industrial machine vision in any other scope and you find synthetic image data interesting, please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to hear of your project and find a solution to your data challenges.

Use Cases: Visual inspection of metals, electronics, composites Surface inspection, defect detection and localization, assembly inspection – completeness, position, alignment. Robotic handling – Random bin picking, part kitting, welding

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